Chorella for Demyelination in MS Patients

Posted: January 19, 2012 by dee in diet, supplements


Demyelination is known to be a major factor in symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Myelin is a fatty protein that insulates and protects neurons, or more specifically axoms. During a MS replapse, white matter in the central nervous system becomes inflamed and loses their myelin. So what does white matter do? And how does the destruction of the myelin effect the central nervous system? And you as a person with MS?

White Matter and Grey Matter

There are both white matter and grey matter regions in the central nervous system (CNS). You can think of white matter as the lines of communication in the CNS. White matter is responsible for relaying messages to the grey matter regions in the body. Grey matter regions actual process these messages, or requests. So if the myelin of an axom is damaged, then the message cannot be sent to the targeted grey matter region. So when you are having issues with moving some part of your body, for instance your hand, your brain is telling your hand to move, but the message is unable to reach the necessary grey matter region that controls the muscles in your arm and hand. Enter chlorella.


Chlorella is a single cell green algae. It’s considered a “Super Food” among raw foodists. Chlorella has been shown to¬†eliminate¬†and neutralize heavy metals and to strengthen the immune system. Chlorella also contains a phytochemical that can actually rebuild nerve damage, which is ideal for MS patients. It also contains all B vitamins, vitamins C and E, and all nine essential amino acids. It’s also super high in protein, and contains more chlorophyl than any other plant.

Chlorella can be consumed in either pill or powder form. Please see our Resources page for information on ordering chlorella. My wife started taking chlorella tablets soon after being diagnosed with MS. We’re not sure how much it is helping (as Moe is taking quite a few supplements), but it certainly isn’t hurting.

  1. Ester says:


    Did your wife get better from MS after she started taking chlorella?


    • dee says:

      Taking chlorella pills is just one of the many things that my wife has done. Diet, juicing, exercise and mental health are key. From what we have read, chlorella can help remove toxins from the body, and actually restore myelin.

      My wife is a hair stylist, so is on her feet most of the day. She tends to get tired in the afternoon, so she drinks some tea and takes 5 or 6 chlorella/spirulina pills. She finds that the pills give her some energy. You can get them on the Raw Power website if you want to give them a try.

      Best of luck to you. I’ve been meaning to put more work into this site, but am limited to time. The newest things my wife has done is go to a Chinese herbalist name Lonny Jarret in Western Massachusetts. He has found what is called “dampness” in my wife’s body. She has cut out all gluten, all “cooling” foods, and is on her third of five rounds of chinese herbal medicine. She is seeing a real difference. I’m hoping to post more on this very soon.

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