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My wife has made many life changes since being diagnosed with M.S.; she eats a vegan diet + salmon (2x / wk), consumes very little alcohol, and exercises…a lot!

But one of the biggest things that has helped her is juicing. I started making Moe fresh vegetable juices when she was first diagnosed. She was drinking (3) 16oz juices per day. At the time she was on Avonex, which was, quite frankly, killing her. After a full year on Avonex, Moe as at whit’s end with feeling like she was going to die. The “flu-like” symptoms that the doctor’s said would come with the weekly injection were much more than that…

Moe did her weekly Avonex injection on Sunday nights. She’s have anxiety all day on Sunday. From Sunday night through Thursday morning she could barely get out of bed. Fresh juices were the only thing that could get her going.

On Friday Moe would start to feel just slightly less miserable, just to look forward to her next injection on Sunday. Now my wife is a VERY strong individual. But that is too much for anyone to deal with. The doctor’s were useless as far as options went, and only threatened Moe with the “fact” she would be in a wheel chair if she didn’t continue with treatment. When we’d tell the doctors the positive effects that juicing has on her health, they dismissed it. In fact, they dismissed diet and nutrition all together. Crazy.

So Moe made the decision to end the Avonex. We went full bore into juicing. It took about 6 months for Moe to start feeling better, but today she is doing VERY well, and completely drug free. These days she follows the same same strict vegan diet (with the addition of salmon), exercices 4-5 days/week, has 1 or 2 16oz juice/day, and has started daily shots of homemade Kombucha.

To the M.S. patients–if there is only one thing you do, try fresh juices. And exercise (sorry, that is two things!)

To the caregivers–I know first hand how hard it is to see your loved one in pain and suffering from M.S. It made me feel good to make juice for Moe and see that it was making a (*HUGE*) difference. It was something I could do that would make Moe feel better. There is nothing like empowering yourself to help a loved one. Making juice can be time intensive, but the rewards cannot be measured. I have a wife that is alive and well today because of it. Just do it!

Check out a couple of the juice recipes that I make for Moe on the recipes page.

  1. Matthew Montalvo says:

    I wish I knew more about this I lost My Mother 3 years ago to the disease and know have a dear friend who has MS how can I get this information to Her?

  2. Gypsy says:

    Will you be posting more info? I was just diagnosed and would like some diet information

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