Posted: August 10, 2012 by dee in diet

Just a quick post here. Here is a very interesting article about Kombucha and M.S.:

Kombucha: An Ancient Source of Modern Medicine for M.S.

The article states that Kombucha is a natural source of interferons, and vitamins C and B.

My wife has recently started to make her own Kombucha at home. It’s inexpensive and helps with the stomach and digestive system. Could this be why it is helpful for M.S. (i.e. Leaky Gut)??

There are many articles on the web that will show how to make your own Kombucha, but here’s one for you.

  1. Zahaitun says:

    My FB is Ajai Zahaitun. I discuss issues on MS in FB because MS was detected in me in 2013.

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