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  1. Melanie says:


    Great idea on the website! I think maybe I should start the same. I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and have been well, however for the last year have been steadily declining. This all started with the birth of my son. This time last year I could walk no problem and now I cannot walk without my sons pram. My mission is to stop the decline and improve. Once my son stops needing his pram I would like to walk and run about with him. I am trying everything I read. I have completely changed my diet and am trying to include 9 cups of fruit and veg as Terry Wahls recommends. I go for lymphatic drainage after listening to Dr Robert Morse talk about it.
    I should jot down everything I try and if it helps another person great 🙂 I have just ordered Chlorella after reading about it.
    My walking is bad but the worst thing is my gait and balance, however today for the first time I managed to walk with my son in my arms withoug having to hold on to the walls. Maybe something I’m doing is working?
    Anyway until I start my website to document everything I will email you with anything new I read (if you want)?

    Best regards and thanks,

    • dee says:

      Hi Melanie,

      I’m sorry to hear that you have been declining. I hope you are able to find some help, and I hope that my wife’s story will help as well.

      The latest thing my wife has done is to see a Chinese herbalist that does pulse readings. She is on her third round of herbs with this herbalist and is feeling very good. I can pass on the herbalist’s information if you want, and perhaps she could recommend someone in the UK.

      Yes, please pass along any info you have, especially things you have tried that work for you. I’ll post them on the site.



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